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Let's Vocalize is a local studio of voice owned and operated by Catherine Clay Childree in Columbus, Georgia.

For over 30 years Mrs. Childree has worked with choirs, groups and various churches. She now offers small group coaching and vocal workshops for large groups, ensembles, worship teams and choirs locally and out of town. Her private coaching branches off from her workshops and caters to those seeking to improve their vocals, prepare for competitions, special music events, pageants and festivals etc.

Singing is more than just standing on a stage/platform opening your mouth. It is an art that takes patience, skill and an in-depth understanding of how "your instrument" (your voice) functions. It is a gift. The better you are at singing; the more you and others enjoy it. When you sing, do you feel that you are offering your best gift? Have you put everything into play to make this happen? If not, this is where I come in.

Let's Vocalize is designed to help you, your group, ensemble or choir, develop your gift so that it benefits you and all who hear you. Many are offering vocal coaching to hear, identify and correct areas that otherwise would not be addressed through an online coach. Contact me to set up the type of session best for you or your group. I offer:

  1. Small group coaching.
  2. Workshops for large groups, ensembles, worship teams and choirs.
  3. Private coaching for those seeking to improve their vocals and prepare for competitions, special music events, pageants, festivals etc.
  4. Open to ages 10 through adult.
  5. Lets Vocalize (LV Studio of Voice) is open to ages 10 through adult. My vocal sessions can be quite intense. Too intense for very young minds. I generally don't teach small children unless they are "prodigies" who already have a "stage presence" (performing) and have a general love, gift, and/or passion for vocalizing. I encourage parents to place their very young children in a children's choir or school chorus. This is where they will learn the basic foundational principles of vocalizing, enhance their gift, and determine whether they have a true desire for singing.

    Hours of Operation
    12:00-8:00pm Monday
    12:00-8:00pm Tuesday
    Closed Wednesday
    12:00-8:00pm Thursday
    12:00-8:00pm Friday
    10:00am-8:00pm Saturday
    Closed Sunday

    Physical Location
    5821 Moon Road, Columbus, GA 31909

    letsvocalize@gmail.com (e-mail)
    www.facebook.com/letsvocalize (Facebook)

    My Primary Mission
    To inspire, encourage, equip, educate and challenge vocalists utilizing acquired skills, gifts, talents and education. Igniting in them the passion to be excel-lent in what they do!

    "Your Voice" is God's gift to you. How you use it is your gift back to him.

LV STUDIO OF VOICE | Phone: 706-536-6123 | E-mail: letsvocalize@gmail.com

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