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I (Catherine Childree) began singing at the age of 4 years old in a little country town called Bells Fork, right outside of Greenville, NC. My mother recognized the gift and did all she could to make sure I had access to every possible avenue I needed to exercise my voice. Even at the age of 93, she is still is my biggest fan. We later moved to Greenville, NC - where I attended Elementary through High School. I was involved strongly in chorus in every school I attended, taking on the position of a soloist in each group. I was greatly inspired by my oldest sister "Dot." Her "angelic" voice carried her as far as New York. She is still my most precious mentor.

As I grew older I studied under professional voice teachers and musicians who helped me develop my instrument. One being, Mrs. Alice Clemons (now deceased) who was my vocal coach/teacher from late elementary and junior high school on thru high school.

As a youth, I was trained vocally by Dr. Steven Koch. I sang in many venues, to include elementary schools, community functions, garden parties, school chorus/musical productions, opera performances, foreign languages, country music festivals, gospel music workshops and festivals, not to mention Governor's Honors. I honor and appreciate Dr. Koch "today" for all he exposed me inclusive with my training. My destiny was being made at that time in ways I didn't even know.

I accepted Christ at the age of 17 and serve, honor, and love Him with my life. For well over 34 years now, I've directed gospel music choirs, groups and ensembles, led worship, coached vocalists and done solo performances and concerts. I am currently a resident of Columbus, GA and have been now for over 25 years.

I am married to Timothy Childree. Tim handles all my media (recording, streaming, commercials, etc.) I have 3 fine sons: Tony (youngest), Duane (middle) and Naia (oldest), all of whom love music just as much, if not more. I have worked many recording projects with other artists. One very exciting event I well remember was when our church choir did the soulful rendition of Handel's Messiah with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. It was a moment I will never forget. I was privileged to sing solo on "He Shall Purify" the Soulful Messiah rendition.

I now own and operate the Let's Vocalize Studio of Voice, located in Columbus, Georgia. I firmly believe that everyone has been given a special gift of some sort. It is up to that individual to find out what their gift is, perfect it and use it to benefit mankind. It is my challenge to help others achieve that goal as it applies to singing.

I tell all my students that I cannot give them something they don't have. I can only help them improve on what they do have. I charge them to take care of their voices properly if they want it to serve them and sound good for a long time. This is my passion and I strive very much to be an example of what I teach.

I served on full time staff now for over 18 years at North Highland Church, Columbus, GA as Music Assistant to Music/Fine Arts Pastor, John D. Skipper and Administrative Assistant to Robert French, Church Administrator, while overseeing the department of Informational Technology. I hold a degree in Business and thoroughly enjoy working in business as well as in music. I am also a seamstress of over 34 years. I have and will continue to work faithfully at my home church (North Highland) as long as the Lord permits me to. I love my job and serve very passionately in what I do. Yet I look forward to what God has destined for me in His kingdom. He holds my future in His hands.I have been a soloist in the North Highland Church Sanctuary Choir now for over 20 years and currently lend myself to coach other soloists and groups at North Highland Church.

Activity Timeline (1967-Present)
At present, I continue to coach my private students and groups Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, perform vocal workshops locally and out of town, speak at churches, for schools, to groups and various civic organizations upon invitation. I have now added public speaking to my portfolio. As of September, 2012, I received ministerial credentials under the International Assemblies Of God. This is a new and exciting area for me. Because of the positive effect my workshops have had on choirs and those involved, I've been asked on numerous occasions by pastors to come back and speak at many of the churches whose choirs I've had the awesome privilege of performing a vocal workshop with. I consider this too as an outreach of Let's Vocalize.

  • January 30, 2016.
    Ministered a message of love, strength, empowerment and encouragement (in Word and Song) to the women’s fellowship at Gateway Church. We had a great turnout. The message theme was entitled Two Women. Service was closed by singing Alabaster Box and by ministering to individuals needing prayer.

  • January 16, 2016.
    Coached and performed live with the MLK Mass Choir of combined vocalists from all over the city of Columbus. Directed one song and sang lead on another. This event was held on the grounds outside the Liberty Theatre in Uptown Columbus. Over 4000 attended.

  • October, 2015 LV ANNUAL RECITAL
    Held at North Highland Church in the REALife Auditorium. This recital showcased about 29 of our students who were eager to offer their best gifts. Following the recital, w had our reception and a great time of fellowship in the Coffee Shop at North Highland.

  • January, 2015.
    Ended my 18-year tour on staff at North Highland Church to go into business for myself. Served as Music Assistant, Assistant in Administration, IT, Networking, Website and Database Administration., Director of Youth Choir (2 years) and Sanctuary Choir (as needed). Was a lead soloist in the North Highland Assembly Sanctuary Choir and Ensembles. As well as in musical productions.

  • June, 2015.
    Performed a vocal workshop at Northside Chapel. This worship was in two parts. First part involved working with the worship band, helping them to transition and teaching them to flow with the vocalists. Part two involved working with the vocalists. These were both awesome sessions. Everyone came away inspired.

  • October, 2014 LV ANNUAL RECITAL
    was held at North Highland Church (7300 Whittlesey Blvd, Columbus, GA) in the Realife Auditorium. This recital showcased about 25 of our students who were eager to offer their best gifts. We followed up with a wonderful time of fellowship in the Coffee Shop.

  • April 27, 2014. Catherine Childree was an invited guest at the Anniversary celebration of Sight Seeing Road Chapel Choir, Fort Benning, GA. This was a major event. Many groups and churches attended to help them celebrate. It was an honor to celebrate with them. A special bond has been forge with SSR since performing a vocal workshop with them. They are like family. Gerald Sewer, Minister of Music.

  • April 25, 2014.
    Catherine and GGs (God's Girls) one of her ladies ensembles, had the awesome privilege of performing a couple of song at the Revival On The River - Unity Night. This was a great event with over 3000 in attendance in the Columbus/Phenix City area. Majors Theresa Tomlinson and Eddie Ruff were in attendance as well as other local pastors and constituents. See pictures below.

  • April 18, 2014.
    Career Day at Westview Elementary, Phenix City, AL. Mrs. Childree had the awesome privilege of spending 3 hours with over 200 (kindergarden-2nd grade) students sharing her music and encouraging them to be excellent. Totally inspiring.

  • April 11-12, 2014.
    Music Workshop at Northside Worship Center. Pastor Larry Biggers, Pastor and head of the MCCA (Muscogee County Clergical Association) opened this workshop up to anyone interested in perfecting their musical gifting. Vocalists and musicians from at least 3 churches were represented at this event. Theme: Offering Your Best Gift".

  • April 2, 2014.
    Mrs. Childree and her son, Tony Clay (Music Pastor at iHeart Church in Americus, GA) performed a Mini-Workshop with the Worship Band and Singers at Northside Chapel Worship Center. This team consists of some very talented and passionate musicians (most of them self-taught). We dealt with order, protocol, structure and transitioning.

  • December, 2013.
    Mrs. Childree took a group of singers to Rutledge State Prison to perform a sing-along with Christmas Carols and encourage them the week before Christmas.

  • November, 2013.
    November, 2013. Mrs. Childree served as guest and pulpit conductor for a Women's Day Celebration at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Talbotton, GA. The house was full of beautiful women wearing Black/White and Red. It was truly a day of high praise.

  • October, 2013 LV ANNUAL RECITAL
    October, 2013. The Let's Vocalize Annual Recital. This recital featured over 15 of Mrs. Childree's students exercising their vocal gifts. The students demonstrate what they have learned in performing, stage presence, and singing. The recital was followed up by a reception. There were over 100 in attendance.

  • September, 2013.
    September, 2013. Mrs. Childree and One A-Chord (A ladies quartet she has been coaching and singing with for over 13 years) were guest artists at the Georgia District Ladies Fall Connection held at North Highland Church, Columbus, GA. This phenomenal event had over 500 ladies in attendance.

  • September, 2013.
    Mrs. Childree performed a vocal workshop at First African Baptist Church, 901 5th Street, Columbus, GA. Pastor/Rev. Roderick Greene and his wonderful ministerial staff and choir welcomed us with open arms, receptive hearts and spirits and great voices. These people love to worship God with their voices and were eager to offer their best gifts to the Lord. We look forward to returning in October for part two of this workshop.

  • June, 2013.
    Private sessions resumed the last week of June at our new location (5041 Warm Springs Road, Columbus, GA 31909.

  • May, 2013.
    The LV Studio made preparations to relocate to 5041 Warm Springs Road. We gave our students the entire month of June off so we could make this transition and get re-set up at our new location. During this time we unveiled a new website, twitter, and facebook page.

  • ***Let's Vocalize spotlighted...
    by Promotion World for being the one of the Top 10 Small Business Owners in Personal & Home Services. We received an online marketing award of the year and was featured on the front page of Idea Café 90 days for this accomplishment. Wow! What an honor.

  • February, 2013.
    Mrs. Childree performed workshops two Saturdays this month. She returned as guest Sunday, February 17th and sang two special music selections. She also sang with Valley Grove Baptist Church choir and worship team that morning. We had a wonderful morning of praise, worship and heard a passionate, yet powerful word from the Bishop Jimmie Copeland.

  • January, 2013.
    Performed a Friday evening/Saturday morning vocal workshop Shady Grove Baptist Church, Talbotton, Georgia. Pastor Franklin Holmes and his lovely wife Portia. These people love the Lord. The presence of the Lord definitely met us at Shady Grove. We prayed, sang and honored the Lord with our vocal gifts... When I left there Saturday afternoon, everyone was in their secret place, worshipping the Lord.

  • November, 2012. LV ANNUAL RECITAL...
    was held at North Highland Church (7300 Whittlesey Blvd, Columbus, GA) in the REALife Auditorium. This recital showcased about 12 of our students who were eager to offer their best gifts. We followed up with a wonderful time of fellowship in the dining Hall of North Highland. Our thanks to the Pastors and Staff of North Highland for being so gracious to us.

  • September, 2012.
    Mrs. Childree performed a vocal workshop at Valley Grove Baptist Church in Manchester, Georgia (Pastor and overseer, Bishop Jimmie Copeland). This workshop was invigorating; and the vocalists were excited about using their vocal gifts. We learned new music, where to place vocalists and had a little church in the process. These singers are challenged to strive for the best when vocalizing. I look forward to going back to Valley in the near future. Contact: Daphne Hardnett

  • August, 2012.

  • Gospel Youth MuSec Summit. Columbus, Georgia. I was honored to represent Let's Vocalize as a guest clinician at this summit as well as serve on a question and answer panel with Kim Burrell, international recording artist, pastor and judge for Sunday Best, along with her sister Kathy Burrell, recording artist, writer and recent stellar and dove award winner. It was also a blessing to work with almost 100 beautiful young people in preparation to sing in this summit. They did an awesome job. Kudos to one of my former students, Brian Roberts, my Godsend, who (due to my recent shoulder surgery) stepped in and did a splendid job directing the mass youth choir for me.

  • April, 2012.
    I had a wonderful opportunity to minister in song and share Friday evening and Saturday morning during a Women's Conference at Highpoint Christian Tabernacle in Smyrna, Georgia. Pastor's Thomas and Carolyn Vinson. 3269 Old Concord Road, Smyrna, Georgia. www.highpointlive.orgWhat a high time of praise, worship and celebrating Jesus and strengthening each other. On Saturday morning we had breakfast with over 200 women. It was most encouraging and exhilarating. Carolyn Vinson is truly honored by her ladies. I came home feeling truly blessed having been there.

  • March, 2012.
    I spoke Sunday morning for an annual Women's Ministries Sunday at local Gateway Assembly of God Church. Pastors Loyd and Pat Johnson.

  • Februrary-April, 2012.
    I began a series of vocal workshops at Sight Seeing Road Chapel, Fort Benning, Georgia. This choir has so many talented vocalists and musicians. Being on the military installation, they are a melting pot of backgrounds which make them truly unique in the Kingdom of heaven. I am totally excited about this new outreach and expect great things at Sight Seeing Road Chapel. Point of Contact was Norma Allen. Pastor: Chaplain Churchwell.

  • Janurary, 2012.
    I performed a Vocal workshop at For All Nations Church, Columbus, GA, Pastor Kuturi Edwards. This is an exciting church with singers passionate about God and singing. These singers gel very well together vocally. Their desire for improvement keeps them pushing and pressing towards perfection every week. God is doing wonderful things at For All Nations Church. They will be moving into their own building March of 2012. I can't wait to see what happens each week we meet. Visit them on the web at www.forallnationschurch.com.

  • September 16 & 17, 2011.
    On Friday, September 16th, the LV Studio of Voice sponsored a "Night of Gospel" featuring Nadine Coker, Leroy Mason, Dr. Woodrow McWilliams, III, the McWilliams Quartet and the NHC Gospel Quintet. This occasion was held at Gateway Church, 3702 Buena Vista Road, Columbus, GA. Theme: "Bringing it Ole School with some of your favorite gospel songs from some very talented singers.
    On Saturday afternoon, September 17th, 2011, Mrs. Childree spoke for an annual Women's Day Fellowship held at Gateway Church. Many women were blessed, strengthened,challenged and encouraged as she shared her story and a very special message.

  • August-October, 2012.
    Utilizing my contacts with many church choirs and soloists. I was given the honor of assembling and directing an international, interdenominational, interracial mass choir for a citywide Unity Service hosted by Pastor Larry Biggers and Pastor Roy Plummer, Sunday, October 23, 2011. Many distinguished guests were there... to include many local Pastors, groups, choirs, ministry teams, military guests, city officials and other dignitaries. We had an overflowing house and a wonderful time of fellowship around the dinner table following this awesome service. This was an experience I shall always remember. I am looking forward to the collaboration of a mass choir each year.

    Hispanic Worship Team of North Highland Church. 7300 Whittlesey Blvd. Columbus. Their passion to learn and be good at what they do is so energizing. I looked forward each week to discovering new and exciting things about them. We worked on vocalizing as well as ear training. They want so much to give God their best offering. We got so caught up in what we're working on that many times we forgot what time it was. These folk are family to me. Not to mention I got a chance to work on my Spanish a little. God has great things for this worship team of singers. Their hearts are definitely in the right place.

    Gateway Church, of Columbus<, Georgia. Pastors Loyd & Pat Johnson. This ministry is now over 2 years old and is growing by leaps and bounds. God is doing an awesome work. Let's Vocalize is helping this ministry initialize a worship team with the hopes that this group will be the beginning of a sanctuary choir. The energy an enthusiasm of this group is singers is awesome. Their desire to perfect the gift of vocalizing draws much out of me; but this is good. God has great things in store for Gateway Church.

    (A One-Day Workshop) Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church, Phenix City, AL. This group consisted of children, young adults and adults. It was a wonderful mixture of enthusiasm, passion and experience. This church has at least 4 choirs, Children, Young Adults, Male Chorus and the Sanctuary Choir. Their Minister of Music was James Barton, who relocated here from the Atlanta/Marietta, Georgia area. James is an old friend and very talented musician.

  • 2009.
    RECORDING PROJECT: Most recent North Highland Project. New CD released June, 2009 entitled "JOY IN THE HOUSE" Soloist in: "Your Name."

  • 1993-2009.
    - Mike Murdock Project
    - Sandra Wansley Project
    - Jake Hess Project
    - Keith Davis Project- Christina Pritchard Project - North Highland Church - June 2009(Lead song on this CD Project "Your Name")

  • 2008-2009.
    Life Changing Church, 4605 Langdon Street, Columbus, Georgia. I am thoroughly enjoying each week with this group of singers. Their passion, commitment and desire to give God their best is soooo evident. Pastor Tony Banks is a humble, precious man of God and is actively involved in each session. Contact: Anita Lawrence.I performed a Children's Vocal Workshop at The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, Alabama in the Fall of 2008. (Pastors Rusty & Leisa Nelson.) This workshop was in the words of the children "AWESOME." We had over 40 participating in this workshop. We learned new music and challenged every child to commit and re-commit their lives to Christ so they can give him back an even greater gift. Click Here to see pictures and some video footage of that workshop. David & Jackie Smith (Children's Pastors). Contact: Sonya Merritt, friend, recording artist and Children/Youth Music Director. www.therockfwc.org

    I performed a Children's Vocal Workshop at The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, Alabama in the Fall of 2008. (Pastors Rusty & Leisa Nelson.) This workshop was in the words of the children "AWESOME." We had over 40 participating in this workshop. We learned new music and challenged every child to commit and re-commit their lives to Christ so they can give him back an even greater gift. Click Here to see pictures and some video footage of that workshop. David & Jackie Smith (Children's Pastors). Contact: Sonya Merritt, friend, recording artist and Children/Youth Music Director. www.therockfwc.org

    County Line Baptist Church, Upatoi, Georgia. This beautiful county church is full of singers who want to offer God their best gift. I eagerly looked forward to working with them every Saturday afternoon. I continually pray God's best and His will for this precious church. There are truly some special people there. Contact: Jeanette Bunkley

  • February 24th - April 7th, 2007.
    Iglesia de Dios, Nuevo Pacto (Hispanic Church). 4421 Primrose Road - Columbus, GA. Contucted a 7-week workshop to help install and provide structure for their beginning worship team/choir. Contact: Diana Torres. Visit their website at: www.nuevopacto.org

  • February 3rd - April 21st, 2007.
    6-week Workshop New Hope Revival Ministries, 3668 Lee Road, 379, Smith, Alabama. This is a small assembly; but boasts a web presence all over theworld. Their service is streamed in many nations. This are some of the most anointed and talented people. This church holds a very special place in my heart. It is much like home for me and is where I steal away to when I need to hear a special word "in season." Pastor: Steven Shelley. Contact: Marybeth Weems. Website: www.revival.org

  • January 6th - February 10th, 2007.
    6-week Workshop with Oasis International Church, 800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway, Phenix City, Alabama. Pastor: Wayne Babbs. A wonderful multicultural, talented blend of singers and musicians. It was a pleasure working with this group. Contact, Worship Team & Choir Director is Mrs. Ernestine Wells. Website: www.oasischurchint.org

  • Fall, 2006.
    Small Group Coaching with NuBeginnings Gospel Ensemble, Director Brian Roberts. I formerly coached NuBeginnings in 2004 when I taught private voice at the Greater Columbus School of Music. Website: www.nubeginning.org

  • Fall/Winter, 2004.
    Taught Private Voice Lessons at The Greater Columbus School of Music, 3803 Macon Road, Columbus, GA. At this School of Music, I taught adult and children. This was a great experience. I left here to establish my own business. Let's Vocalize. Founders: James & Amy Gosnell.

  • 1999.
    Served 5 months at North Highland as interim Choir Director until present Music Pastor, John D. Skipper was hired. (May -September)

  • 1994-1999.
    RECORDING PROJECT: Performed numerous studio recordings with Gregg Kennard, former Music Pastor of North Highland, (laying down background vocals for various projects he was working on, as well as recordings for the North Highland Sanctuary Choir.)

  • 1997.
    Prepared a group of students from Woodall Psycho educational Program together to form "Voices of Unity" to perform for a Partners in Education Ceremony and a Muscogee County School Board function.

  • 1993-1997.
    Joined staff at Columbus State University, Schwob Department of Music as secretary to the Music Faculty. Sang for various university functions and non-university functions held at the University. Served on various committees. Many letters/notes of thanks were given by Dr. Frank Brown and other constituents. I also had the privilege of working very closely (even vocalizing) with the voice instructors; namely, Dr. Jon Bartlett (deceased), Dr. William J. Bullock, Meg Stecker-Runde and Dr. Shirley Brumbaugh. During this timeframe I was also a member of the Columbus Chorale directed by Dr. Bullock.

  • 1995-1996.
    Coached large ladies ensemble and other soloist(s) at North Highland forStatewide Fine Arts Festival. This same group of young ladies rated superior and went oncompete at a National level in Springfield, Missouri. This trip was very educational for us all.

  • December, 1995.
    Coordinated a joint concert combining the North Highland SanctuaryChoir and The Columbus Symphony Orchestra during the Christmas Season performing Handel's Messiah "A Soulful Celebration" Directed the NHC Sanctuary choir for this special performance held at the Three Arts Center. Special Solo Performance: "And He Shall Purify," by Tramaine Hawkins.

  • 1994-1995.
    Worked for about a year for international recording artist (Vernessa Mitchell) as her personal assistant while she lived in Columbus, GA. Ms. Mitchell later relocated to Atlanta, GA. I learned much about the recording industry and business while working with Vernessa. She and I are very good friends and still in touch today.

  • 1993-1996.
    RECORDING PROJECT: Three (3) North Highland Sanctuary Choir recording projects. Did lead on a songs in each project.

  • 1997.

    Joined staff in the Music Department at NHA under Gregg Kennard, former Music Pastor. Acted as mediator to orchestrate a concert at the Three Arts Theater with George Del Gobbo, conductor of The Columbus Symphony Christmas Concert singing Handels Messiah (new messiah & soulful messiah renditions). I directed the North Highland sanctuary choir during this concert.

  • 1996.
    RECORDING PROJECT: TIC Federal Credit Union - TV Commercial Music under the production of Robert Carr of Carr Studio Productions, Front Avenue, Columbus, GA.
    RECORDING PROJECT:(to the tune of Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T). Produced by Gregg Kennard.

  • 1992-1994.
    Columbus Redsticks Baseball Games - singing the National Anthem.

  • 1987-1989.
    Choir Director and Worship Leader at Cuthbert Youth Revival Ministries,Buena Vista Road, Columbus, Georgia. Pastor: Tommy Cuthbert (now deceased).

  • 1987.
    RECORDING PROJECT: Studio Recording with Nadine Coker - Columbus, GA.

  • 1983-1987.
    Choir Director and Worship Leader at Maranatha Deliverance Center, Kinston, North Carolina. Pastor Willie S. Darden. Relocated thru military to Fort Benning Military Base in 1987.

  • 1980-1983.
    Youth Choir Director at Phillippi Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Farmville Blvd. Greenville, North Carolina. Pastor Randy Royal. During this timeframe I also traveled extensively coaching vocals and working with groups, soloists and choirs and workshops throughout the state of North Carolina. I married into the military and moved to Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station (Havelock, NC) in 1983.

  • 1978-1980.
    Choir Director, lead soloist and worship leader for Tabernacle of Victory Interdominational Church, Greenville, North Carolina. We made our first live recording in the late 1979 in which I sang lead on "Jesus Paid It All."

  • 1978.
    RECORDING PROJECT: First recording with The Voices of Victory Choir - Tabernacle of Victory Church, Greenville, NC. Solo Debute: "Jesus Paid It All."

  • 1974-1977.
    High School and student of Voice under Dr. Steven Koch, Greenville, NC. Performing in several school productions, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, etc.

  • 1974.
    Governors Honors Candidate (Winston Salem, North Carolina). This was a great privilege. I got the opportunity to sing in foreign languages, and experience the thrill of excitement watching and listening to other students use their vocal gifts. What an awesome I shall never forget.

  • 1967-1973.
    Sang in Elementary school choruses, performed lead solos in junior high and high school chorus and in my church choir.

  • 1970.
    I've sang and directed a host of choirs, groups and ensembles over the years. I began directing choirs at the age of 18. I served in this capacity in every church I worked with. (Tabernacle of Victory-Greenville, NC; Philippi Church of Christ-Greenville, NC; Maranatha Christian Center-Kinston, NC; PTI Chorale (during my college years, I directed the chorale.) Cuthbert Youth Revival Ministry-Columbus, GA; North Highland Assembly- Columbus, GA.

Music Portfolio Available for Viewing.

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